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Jane’s Addiction: My favorite band since 1988!!! May 26, 2012

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1988. I was at my high school boyfriend’s house. His little sister was in 8th grade, I was a senior. She was really cool and I could tell she wanted to find *something* that we would have in common. She reminded me a lot of myself at that age. One day, she came into his room where we were hanging out, and with shaking hands, handed me a cassette. It was Jane’s Addiction’s “Nothing’s Shocking.”

I put it in my car stereo as I left and fell in love. Rarely has an album hit me so hard as this. I played that thing so much, I had to buy her a new copy.

1992. I had just turned 21 and spent a lot of time in Downtown Buffalo, hitting up the bars on Elmwood Avenue. One night, we were at the Brick House or Continental or I don’t even remember, and there was this guy that caught my eye. He had the cover photo from the album tattooed on his arm. Tall, Italian, with dreadlocks, I had to go up to him and tell him how much I loved the album. That was Jeff. We only dated for a couple months, but they were some of the best of my life at that time. We listened to Jane’s constantly. He held my hair as I puked in parking lots. We were so cool together! We drifted apart, probably because he didn’t have a car and didn’t live very close to me. I found out a couple months ago that he had died. He was only 40. I cried for days. (My eyes are tearing up again, just thinking about it.)

My wedding song was “Summertime Rolls.”

On every single one of my road trips, I listen to “Nothing’s Shocking,” as well as “Kettle Whistle.”

I finally got to see them a few years ago. I get to see them again this week in Tucson.

I’m starting a campaign this week on Twitter to get Perry to let me backstage.

Favorite album and band of all time!!!!!

“Show me everybody, naked and disfigured. Nothing’s shocking.”


I got to be a pinup model for a day!!!!

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Everyone knows how much I love the camera, so it’s no surprise that my friend, Laura Reagan, asked me to be a guinea pig for her photography. She’s been taking countless workshops and classes on this style of photography.

I was a little afraid. I am not a skinny woman. I have curves. I know others like it, and I’ve finally accepted that this is who I am.



Dexter is… May 12, 2012

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…that dog I come home to who’s always excited to see me.

…the one howling when I walk down to Will & Jada’s apartment without him.

…the dog that runs into every apartment when the doors are open. You can hear people laugh and say “Hi, Dexter!”

…the dog who runs right to the driver’s door when I say “Wanna go for a ride?”

…the dog I yell “Dexter, wanna bone?” to try to get him in the door. Neighbors laugh at that, too. Wanna bone? Get it?

…the dog that herds Chank away from me so he can have all my attention.

…the dog that, when I take him for a walk, has some swagger like he owns the whole damn neighborhood. He weighs 9 pounds.

…the dog that everyone knows in my entire neighborhood. Mostly because he will go up to anyone to give love.

…the dog who always sleeps, stretched out, against my back at bedtime.

…the dog who follows me into the bathroom and tries to jump into my lap as I pee.

…the dog that rides in my bike basket as I cruise around town.

…the dog that is staring at me right now as I type this because he knows it’s about him.

…the dog that tweets:




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