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My DIY beauty and household cleaning stuff November 9, 2014

I talk about coconut oil like there’s no tomorrow, and people are always asking me for my recipes. So, I’ll put them all here and they can find it themselves.

I’m 43. I take extra special care of myself, because I donated my kidney a few years ago. I kind of looked at life a little, saw my kidney recipient getting healthier, and wanted to do everything possible to not get sick. Whether diabetes, kidney issues, or even just feeling like crap, I want to prevent as much as possible. (Yes, I know there are no guarantees in life.)

Make a tub of coconut oil body butter. It can be used for a lot of things (will explain!), but look at it as your beauty base. To make it, it has to be solid. I buy it by the gallon, and just scoop out a bunch and throw it in my KitchenAid mixing bowl and throw it in the fridge for about 15 minutes to make sure it’s solid. It has a very low melting point (mid-70 degrees), so the solid part is crucial to making this correctly. After it’s hard, use the whisk attachment on your mixer, and whip it up. It takes about 5 minutes. If you see it getting liquidy, stick it back in the fridge for a few moments. I add about 20 drops of lavender essential oil. Use what you want. I like lavender for the relaxation, but also because it’s antibacterial, which is why my face never breaks out.

Once it’s mixed up, I put it in short Mason jars to give as gifts. (Short so people can scoop it out and it’s not longer than their fingers.) Or, I save up old body butter containers and use those. I leave one by my bathroom sink.

2014-11-09 11.21.41

Use the body butter! You only need a little. Spread it all over your face, in a thin layer. It will melt as soon as you apply it. If you have eye makeup on, rub it gently, and it removes eye makeup instantly. Take a warm, wet, washcloth and hold it over your face for a few seconds, so the steam can help get deeper down. Wipe gently. Rinse the washcloth, and repeat. Then, rinse with cold water. (Cold water rinse tightens your pores to help prevent breakouts.) You do NOT need to use a moisturizer. In fact, you shouldn’t, because most contain mineral oil. (BAD! It’s a petroleum product!!!) I also use this to wash my face in the morning. Wait at least 15 minutes before applying makeup, or you will look spotty. You can pat a little under your eyes at night, too.

Use the body butter in place of shaving cream. Skin stays so soft, too!

No-poo hair: (I haven’t used shampoo since December 2013.)
2 tbsp baking soda. Put in cup. Fill cup with water. Stir, then massage through wet hair. Rinse. 1 tbsp Apple cider vinegar in cup. Fill cup with water. Massage through hair. Rinse. Any vinegar smell goes away once your hair is dry.

Take a pea-sized hunk of the body butter, add an equal amount of baking soda, and rub it together between your palms until it’s mixed up, about 15 – 30 seconds. Then, just rub it onto your armpits. (I don’t know why people are so grossed out about armpits.) Sometimes I will add a couple drops of lemon essential oil. Rub it in for about a minute. Chemical-free deodorant! No, it’s not an anti-perspirant because WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SWEAT. When did people become so anti-nature? If you don’t sweat, you’re keeping toxins in your body. Hello, cancer!


Laundry detergent:
I do not trust ingredients in any cleaners. So, I make my own. Not only is it SUPER cheap, but my clothes feel softer, without fabric softener (more chemicals!) and I feel better about not dumping more shit into the environment. You need one bar of fels naptha soap (or Zote). Grate the entire bar into a blender. Add 1/2 cup WASHING soda (found by laundry detergent in the store), and 1/2 cup Borax. Blend together for about 30 seconds, then scrape down the sides, and blend another 30 seconds. I dump it into a big Mason jar, and I threw in an old measuring tablespoon. Use one tablespoon per load.

When it’s recommended to wear gloves for a cleaner, then you probably shouldn’t be using it. So, try this:
1 spray bottle
2 tbsp white vinegar
1 tsp Borax
1/4 cup liquid soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s peppermint)
10-15 drops essential oil (I like grapefruit or lemon, which go nicely with the peppermint)
Put the vinegar in your spray bottle with the Borax. Add some HOT tap water, and shake it up to dissolve the Borax. Add the liquid soap and essential oil, then fill the bottle the rest of the way with hot water. Shake gently. Use this in the bathroom, kitchen, everywhere. And it smells good!

1 grapefruit
Sea or Kosher salt
Cut grapefruit in half. Dump a couple tablespoons of the salt onto the cut side, and scrub the tub in a circular motion. Rinse with hot water. Done. (You can also use the homemade cleanser above, but I like to scrub it once a month with the grapefruit.)


There’s this one guy… December 20, 2012

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There’s this one guy who stares at me.

There’s this one guy who makes me blush.

There’s this one guy who makes me nervous.

There’s this one guy who freaks me out.

There’s this one guy who makes me shake.

There’s this one guy who makes me feel shy.

There’s this one guy who makes me self-conscious.

There’s this one guy who I can never wait to see.

There’s this one guy who almost made me jump out of my car to run out and kiss him.

There’s this one guy who I have to wear red lipstick around because it prevents me from kissing him and getting it all over my face.

There’s this one guy who I spend extra time on styling my hair for because I know how he likes it.

There’s this one guy who makes me melt when I see him with his dog.

There’s this one guy who knows me more than most people.

There’s this one guy who makes me laugh.

There’s this one guy I tell almost everything to.

There’s this one guy whose beauty makes my eyes water.

There’s this one guy with a smile that breaks my heart.

There’s this one guy who supports me, and I don’t know why.

There’s this one guy.



Farmer’s markets FTW! September 15, 2012

I’ve been a huge fan of farmer’s markets ever since I was a kid. I grew up outside of Buffalo, NY, and we were surrounded by farms. Most of it was cow corn, but many people grew massive gardens throughout the Spring-Fall season. This was a small town in the 1970s. People had little stands out by the road, with a cigar box there to put your money into, in case they couldn’t physically be there. It was an honor system and people weren’t jerks about it. Rarely did some asshole teenage steal the cigar box. The best time of year for me, though, was when corn was in season. There were several variations grown, but my favorite was the yellow & white “bread and butter” corn. It was so sweet and I’d eat it until I got sick. My face would be covered in butter and I ruined a lot of shirts with the melted drippings. To this day, I go crazy over it!

My friend Lori owns a company called The Barter Group. http://www.bartergroup.com/ I became a member several months ago. She then launched Edible Exchange http://edibleexchange.com/ which is the same concept, just food-focused. Here’s how barter works: You become a member. You exchange services with other members in the group. You pay each other with barter dollars. You can use your dollars for any company in the group, it doesn’t have to be with the ones you solely do business with. I have one Barter Group client, and he pays me in barter dollars each month. It goes into my “bank.” I can use those dollars with the Edible Exchange program, too. This has been a lifesaver for me lately, because business slowed down a bit this past summer.

I rarely pay cash for groceries right now. I can get just about anything at the farmer’s market. I go to the Central Farmer’s Market http://centralfarmersmarket.com/ on Central & Northern every Saturday morning. Several of the vendors there are in The Barter Group/Edible Exchange. So, I take my barter dollars and go to town! You can get ice cream, bread, butter, cheese, meat, chicken, vegetables, fruit, and eat at a few of the food trucks.

I did an experiment today. I went without ANY cash. That was partly a mistake, because I went out last night and used my cash and forgot to put more in my wallet. Guess what? I got a TON of food and didn’t pay a penny out of pocket!

All of this was purchased through Edible Exchange

Some of the vendors: Udder Delights http://www.superstitionfarmtours.com/Udder.html, JH Grass Fed http://www.jhgrassfed.com/, and Pinnacle Farms http://www.phoenixpinnaclefarms.com/ and Ridge View Farms http://ridgeviewfarmsonline.com/  I’ve been to the market several times now, and not only do I feel good about buying locally-produced foods, I know I’m healthier for doing it. I’m supporting the community. Oh, and by now, everyone knows Dexter and me by name. That feels good.


A great way to get rid of headaches without meds! August 17, 2012

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I have NO idea where I originally learned this, but I’ve been using this method for about 12 years. Living in Phoenix, I am uber-sensitive to weather changes. I’m guessing it’s because we don’t really have many strong fronts come through very often. But, it’s monsoon season, which means things change without notice and I find myself with headaches. I’m also in front of the computer all day and night, which isn’t good for posture, my neck OR my eyes. This is super easy to make!

Take a small bowl or dish. You could even use the lid to a Tupperware or something. I got these at the Asian market around the corner for  really cheap. They’re supposed to be for sushi. Or something.

Then, add about a tablespoon of olive oil, 8 drops of peppermint essential oil, 16 of lavender oil. You really don’t have to count them out, just make sure there is a little more lavender than peppermint.

Mix it around with your fingers, then start to spread it along your entire hairline. For this step, you just want it evenly all over. Then, go to town massaging it gently into your scalp. I pay extra attention to my temples, behind my ears, then down the back of my neck. I’ll do it while I’m working, or force myself to take a break and massage for about 5 minutes. I’ll do it longer if my headache is bad.

Then, put an ice pack on different parts of your head. Since most headaches come from shoulder/neck muscles, I will just lie down for a bit, on my back, with an ice pack on the back of my neck and one on my forehead.

Let me know if you try it out!


Jane’s Addiction! June 2, 2012

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When I saw that KWSS was giving away tickets to the JA show in Tucson, I jumped on it. They had a contest to see who got the most likes on their comment under a picture of Perry and Dave. So, I posted it on Facebook and Twitter. Within a few minutes, I had 20 likes on my comment. A few others commented after me, but only got a few likes. The most anyone else got was 3.

I ended up with 35. Because that’s how Amy Donohue works: When I want something bad enough, I will do everything and anything in my power to get it.

When they played “Ocean Size,” I cried. I wrote a blog about this song a couple months ago (https://fabamy.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/a-long-lost-love-has-died-why-is-it-affecting-me-so-much/) and was hoping with all my heart and soul that they’d play it. I thought of Jeff and how he must have died tragically. I only knew him for a couple months, but our time together is something I’ve thought about for 20 years.

They also played “Mountain Song,” which has been my favorite of theirs since I saw the video almost 25 years ago on MTV’s 120 minutes. Perry was jumping around onstage wearing a giant diaper. I still have the VHS of it! Who knows if it plays anymore.

I tweeted to Perry for almost a week, because I really wanted to meet him. I’m not a celebrity stalker. I’ve met a shitload of celebrities and only a few really impacted me. Joan Rivers & Henry Rollins are the only two that I got to connect with, even if it was for just a little while. They were on my bucket list. So is Perry. I will meet him one day. Mark my words. (Again, Amy Donohue does shit to get shit done!)

We did, however, get to meet Dave Navarro after the show.  I asked him “Where’s Perry?” He gave me a dirty look and then looked away. Hahaha. I pissed off Dave Navarro.

It was a perfect evening, in every possible way. Favorite band.


Jane’s Addiction: My favorite band since 1988!!! May 26, 2012

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1988. I was at my high school boyfriend’s house. His little sister was in 8th grade, I was a senior. She was really cool and I could tell she wanted to find *something* that we would have in common. She reminded me a lot of myself at that age. One day, she came into his room where we were hanging out, and with shaking hands, handed me a cassette. It was Jane’s Addiction’s “Nothing’s Shocking.”

I put it in my car stereo as I left and fell in love. Rarely has an album hit me so hard as this. I played that thing so much, I had to buy her a new copy.

1992. I had just turned 21 and spent a lot of time in Downtown Buffalo, hitting up the bars on Elmwood Avenue. One night, we were at the Brick House or Continental or I don’t even remember, and there was this guy that caught my eye. He had the cover photo from the album tattooed on his arm. Tall, Italian, with dreadlocks, I had to go up to him and tell him how much I loved the album. That was Jeff. We only dated for a couple months, but they were some of the best of my life at that time. We listened to Jane’s constantly. He held my hair as I puked in parking lots. We were so cool together! We drifted apart, probably because he didn’t have a car and didn’t live very close to me. I found out a couple months ago that he had died. He was only 40. I cried for days. (My eyes are tearing up again, just thinking about it.)

My wedding song was “Summertime Rolls.”

On every single one of my road trips, I listen to “Nothing’s Shocking,” as well as “Kettle Whistle.”

I finally got to see them a few years ago. I get to see them again this week in Tucson.

I’m starting a campaign this week on Twitter to get Perry to let me backstage.

Favorite album and band of all time!!!!!

“Show me everybody, naked and disfigured. Nothing’s shocking.”


I got to be a pinup model for a day!!!!

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Everyone knows how much I love the camera, so it’s no surprise that my friend, Laura Reagan, asked me to be a guinea pig for her photography. She’s been taking countless workshops and classes on this style of photography.

I was a little afraid. I am not a skinny woman. I have curves. I know others like it, and I’ve finally accepted that this is who I am.



Day 3 of Juice/fast September 19, 2011

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Yesterday was terrible. I went to the spa with Kirti. I did the steam room & whirlpool/pool and I think all that heated stuff made me barf. As soon as I got home, I puked up a storm. I know it’s nothing to do with the juicing, because I’m sure it would have happened whether I was doing it or not. It could also be toxins.

Today starts day 3 of the juice cleanse. I went and got a bunch of fruit this morning to have and break up the monotony of vegetables. I usually add fruit to the vegetable drinks, but I want to have some strictly fruit ones, too.

So, this morning’s juice was 1/8 of a watermelon, which I juiced with a hunk of ginger. I then added the juice to my blender with a banana and a handful of frozen blueberries. So yummy!

I’m not too tired today, either. I slept a lot yesterday, because I wasn’t feeling well. I got a full night’s sleep and woke up just after 6, ready to walk Dexter.

Here’s my video for today:


Juicing for 15 days. Day 1. September 17, 2011

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So, I was sick for a couple days earlier this week. Did a lot of travel the previous week and with very little sleep, it caught up to me. Monday was pretty much on the couch, sneezing my ass off and sleeping as much as possible.

I watched a few movies on Netflix, and one of them was “Fat, Sick, and Almost Dead.” I’ve been watching and reading a lot of stuff on being healthy, so it was definitely a good pic for me. It’s about an Australian guy, caught up in the American fast food diet and his health is failing quickly. He decided to go on a 60-day tour across the US, touting his juicing lifestyle. He also got others to try it.

So, since I turned 40 and lost that darned kidney, I’ve been more conscious about what I eat, what I use to clean my house with, and exercising more now that summer is over. I just want my body to be as healthy as I can make it. I posted on Twitter the other day, and within a few minutes, one of my followers said they had a juicer in storage that he had never used. I got it for $45. This morning, I went to Sprouts and spent $30 on nothing but fruits and veggies to make into juice.

I am going to try it for 15 days. I’ll post recipes, too. And I am vlogging it. Feel free to comment!


50,000 tweets & 90-day Kidneyversary July 21, 2011

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I have been so busy the past month or so that I’ve let my blog sit idle for too long! Bad, Amy. Bad!

So, Tuesday was the 90-day anniversary of me donating my kidney to TinyMom. As you all know, she avoided going on dialysis for 10 years with a very strict diet. She had to cut some foods out of her diet that contained either a lot of potassium or protein. Tomatoes, potatoes and bananas were on that list. Her favorite food? Pizza. She hadn’t had pizza in ten years. Close your eyes for a moment and think of something you eat every week because it’s your favorite. Now, imagine yourself ten years from now (OMG I will be 50!) and think of NOT having something from TODAY until that day. So, I told her the day I met her that I would be buying her first pizza.

It’s so weird, though, that people said to me “Why do you have to buy it for her? You already gave her a kidney!” which just goes to show you the nature of most people. I’m a giver, that’s obvious. It never occurred to me that buying her something would be looked at like that. I’ve learned the past few months that people are generally selfish & self-absorbed. I’ve also learned who I can and can’t trust, which really sucks.

While waiting to get ready to order the pizza and go over there for dinner, it was also a pretty big day in TwitterVille for me. I was about to hit 50,000 tweets. Fifty. Thousand. Over the weekend, a friend had asked me “So, what are you going to do for you 50,000th tweet?” I had thought about it a few days before, when I saw my tweet count. Holy shit! Have I done anything else 50,000 times? What about sex? Have I done that 50,000 times? I mean, we’ve all eaten 50,000 times. But I’ve been on Twitter for just over 3 years, and it breaks down to:

1147 days

27,528 hours

Roughly 47 tweets per day

1.87 tweets per hour

and on and on and on…

So, I thought about it. Two big things happening on the same day. I didn’t want it to be too stupid, so I turned the comedian off. The biggest thing Twitter has done for me revolved around my recent surgery.

My 50,000th tweet:


(I can’t get the damn thing to upload!)



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