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KMI Structural Integration Session 5 September 9, 2015

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(Note: Session 4 is for the “spiral line.” My body didn’t need that work, so we skipped to session 5. I like that the series is customize-able.)

This fifth session was one I was not looking forward to. It’s the first time I really read & researched a session before going in. It’s the “lower deep frontal line” session, which works on the inner legs for support, balance, and posture. It also involves the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a hammock or sling of several different muscles that run horizontally along the underside of the pelvic bone.  Melissa stays within a respectful distance of private parts while still treating as much as this muscle group as is appropriate.”

I do not like pelvic work at ALL. I went to a very new massage therapist a couple years ago, and he was trying things on me that he had no business trying. I was almost on the defensive going in today. I was anticipating and drawing a conclusion that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as the previous sessions.

The inner leg work was a little intense at times. I was laying on the table, on my side, for my legs to be worked on separately. I have a really high pain threshold (I have a few very large tattoos), but this almost made me say “Uncle.” When Melissa got into my pelvic floor, I started to take long, deep breaths. That really helped and the pain subsided.

At the end, walking around, I could feel such a difference! My legs felt lighter. I felt more balanced overall. Even my head feels clearer.

So far, I am really enjoying the series. I am not going to read ahead for the next session, though.


KMI Structural Integration Session 3

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I went through the third KMI Structural Integration session earlier this week, which is for the Lateral Line. This was also the third superficial session. The primary goal of KMI Structural Integration is to improve the alignment and movement of the body.

The first thing we do every session is check my alignment by looking at me from both sides, then back, then front. In this way Melissa can see what is out of line. (My shoulders are not in the same spot.)

There was a lot of work done on my back, especially my lower back. A few days later, I noticed a couple dark bruises on my back. This is normal, as blood vessels can get damaged from any massage. I noticed the difference right away! When I sat in my car to drive home, I felt taller, my back felt more open, and everything just moved more freely.

I should also note that these massages are mostly “dry.” Lotions make the skin slippery, which makes it difficult to get to the bottom layer.

After this third session, my body felt opened up. It felt like all my joints and muscles were lubed-up and ready to go. The creaks are gone, too!


A great way to get rid of headaches without meds! August 17, 2012

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I have NO idea where I originally learned this, but I’ve been using this method for about 12 years. Living in Phoenix, I am uber-sensitive to weather changes. I’m guessing it’s because we don’t really have many strong fronts come through very often. But, it’s monsoon season, which means things change without notice and I find myself with headaches. I’m also in front of the computer all day and night, which isn’t good for posture, my neck OR my eyes. This is super easy to make!

Take a small bowl or dish. You could even use the lid to a Tupperware or something. I got these at the Asian market around the corner for  really cheap. They’re supposed to be for sushi. Or something.

Then, add about a tablespoon of olive oil, 8 drops of peppermint essential oil, 16 of lavender oil. You really don’t have to count them out, just make sure there is a little more lavender than peppermint.

Mix it around with your fingers, then start to spread it along your entire hairline. For this step, you just want it evenly all over. Then, go to town massaging it gently into your scalp. I pay extra attention to my temples, behind my ears, then down the back of my neck. I’ll do it while I’m working, or force myself to take a break and massage for about 5 minutes. I’ll do it longer if my headache is bad.

Then, put an ice pack on different parts of your head. Since most headaches come from shoulder/neck muscles, I will just lie down for a bit, on my back, with an ice pack on the back of my neck and one on my forehead.

Let me know if you try it out!


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