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RIP, Billy. You were always so very, very special to me. January 9, 2013

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Ah, Facebook, you have ruined yet another day. Today was the second time in a few months that I found out of someone dying because of a post on Facebook.

Billy Flores. He was my student back in the late 90s, at the first school where I ever taught. Billy had the charm and charisma that was almost too much. He always reminded me of myself, especially at that age. He spoke Spanish fluently, but he took my classes. He’d help out with extra work, like grading, because the class was just easy for him.

Billy ALWAYS had a crush on me. We had a great professional relationship when he was my student, but he always talked about me being on his bucket list. He had the most amazing sense of humor, too, a lot like mine. Basically, if there were my male twin out there, it would have been Billy.

We have always kept in touch since he graduated and I left to go teach elsewhere. Even before Facebook, though once we connected on there, our communication has been constant. I helped him with the Facebook page for his Crossfit business. I gave him pointers on doing Social Media.

When I went out to LA in the summer of 2011 for a gig, Billy came to see me. We had dinner, he saw me do my act, and we chatted for hours. We’ve kept in touch ever since. He was so happy that he got to “cross me off his bucket list” and he even claimed that I was on his dream board. I’m laughing thinking about it, because he just told you how he felt and never held back. He was honest to a fault. Just like me.

Ever since the first time I heard this song, I’ve thought of Billy. He used to say he wanted me to have his baby. Hahaha. That kid. RIP, Billy. Te quiero con toda mi corazon.


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