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Why You Need a Pro for Cannabis Social Media February 4, 2016

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Oh, look. Another wave of cannabis Social Media bans. This time, dispensaries in Arizona (and other states) were shut down on Facebook for violation of the Terms of Service. You remember those, right? You hit “I agree” when you signed up for your Profile and Pages. That means you follow the rules of the network. It doesn’t matter if you are in a “legal” cannabis state. The network rules still stand. Period.

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What shocks me most is that there is a LOT of competition out there in the cannabis industry, and it is growing every day. Yet, dispensary owners and product launchers know nothing about Social Media or branding themselves online. Meanwhile, accounts with a professional handling their accounts and profiles are flourishing.

In the cannabis industry, we focus so much on compliance with our product, but nothing else. Compliant Social Media is just as important. When you are removed from a network for TOS violations, you have to start over. And then you get banned again. And you have to start over. Again. Each time, you lose all your followers. Then you create a new account, and less and less will continue to follow you, every time.

Go where it’s ok to go. Follow the rules. If you don’t know them, hire a pro.



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