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I fucking hate posers August 22, 2013

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That’s how we spelled it in high school. Because we were oh-so-genuine. That’s how the punks spelled it and goddamn it, we were punks!

Anyway. Posers. I fucking hate them.

I hate when people pretend they are a part of a group, but they’re shallow enough for everyone to see that they aren’t. I’m going to try to explain this without making it obvious who I am talking about. I just need to vent, not send someone over a goddamn cliff.

Let’s say you work for an art magazine. It features a lot of original art, and much of it world-famous, from very well-known artists. And you actually think you are one of those artists, with a stick-figure drawing next to a house drawn with a square and a triangle.

There’s nothing original or artistic about your damn house. In fact, it looks like alllllllllllllll the other stick figures anyone has ever drawn throughout the history of man. My 10-year old niece can draw a better house.

Now you’re standing with those artists, with your stick-figure drawing, and that thought bubble above your head that says “Look at me! Look at me! I’m a douchebag!”

And when you walk away, everyone points at that stick figure, and laughs.


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