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Dexter is… May 12, 2012

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…that dog I come home to who’s always excited to see me.

…the one howling when I walk down to Will & Jada’s apartment without him.

…the dog that runs into every apartment when the doors are open. You can hear people laugh and say “Hi, Dexter!”

…the dog who runs right to the driver’s door when I say “Wanna go for a ride?”

…the dog I yell “Dexter, wanna bone?” to try to get him in the door. Neighbors laugh at that, too. Wanna bone? Get it?

…the dog that herds Chank away from me so he can have all my attention.

…the dog that, when I take him for a walk, has some swagger like he owns the whole damn neighborhood. He weighs 9 pounds.

…the dog that everyone knows in my entire neighborhood. Mostly because he will go up to anyone to give love.

…the dog who always sleeps, stretched out, against my back at bedtime.

…the dog who follows me into the bathroom and tries to jump into my lap as I pee.

…the dog that rides in my bike basket as I cruise around town.

…the dog that is staring at me right now as I type this because he knows it’s about him.

…the dog that tweets:




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