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My Picotope saltwater tank is ready! December 11, 2014

My client & friend Rachel gave me a Picotope for Xmas. I have been infatuated with the one in their office at The Neuromuscular Studio  and I house sit for a family that has a giant tank. I’m always so enthralled and sit and watch, sometimes for hours.

Last Friday I put it together. I added the sand, live rocks, and salt water. You have to let it “cycle” for a week, so everything gets acclimated to each other, before adding fish, coral, etc. This is it the first night, right after the sand settled.

2014-12-06 21.26.51

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day to add “stuff,” and I’ve spent about a dozen hours on different websites and in different forums to learn about it. I have never had a salt water tank, and I’m pretty excited about this.

I knew I wanted to start with some coral and a hermit crab or shrimp. I went to my local tank store and came home with a frag (that’s the lingo for “piece.” Haha!) of zoa coral and a Halloween hermit crab. I am adding a sexy shrimp next week, when they get them stocked.

2014-12-10 17.27.18-1

Here you can see the bags floating in the tank. That is to make sure they slowly come to the same temperature before you add them to the tank. You do NOT add the water from the bag, because it will have a different salinity. The frag of coral is glued to a “post,” which is what you use to place it in the tank. I read ahead of time about this one, and it does better higher up in the tank, so I have moved it around a couple times. After 10 minutes, you remove your new baby from the bag and place it into the tank. (Have a towel nearby. It can get messy.)


Here is the Halloween hermit crab. I am having a contest on Facebook to name him. I have decided it’s a boy.

I’m really in love with my Picotope! I am excited in the mornings to say “Hi!” to my new family members.


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