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Last week was brutal, and I gained almost a pound. May 5, 2014

Filed under: Weight loss — fabamy @ 4:52 pm

Last week, two days were spent moving, and a couple more unpacking. I didn’t get to hike for almost a week, and it killed me! I strayed from my normal eating, because I couldn’t find half the stuff I needed to cook.

I’m ok with it, though! I have been doing this since February 3rd. This is the first time I didn’t lose at least 2 pounds. I knew it was coming. I’m happy, though, that at least it was just a pound. My chiropractor said I have been doing very well, and rarely sees someone lose weight as consistently as I have.

I work really hard, but I didn’t last week. Part of life, and it just means I’ll work extra hard this week. So far, I am down 27 pounds total. I can’t be upset with that!

This is what I eat for breakfast every day, along with 2 fried eggs and a dash of freshly-grated parmesan. I make a big pan of the veggies, and stop cooking about 2 minutes before they would be considered “done.” I re-heat on my stovetop (I threw out my microwave), and don’t want anything over-cooked. As you can see, variety is best. You can add whatever else you want. I sometimes add mushrooms. I like slicing portobellas and adding them.



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