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When you cheat, you get caught…by the measuring tape! March 5, 2014

Filed under: Weight loss — fabamy @ 10:34 pm

I can’t lie and say I have stuck to my eating plan entirely. After this past appointment, though, I won’t be straying at all.

On Sunday, I wanted to show my boyfriend how to make the best grilled cheese sandwich. We got bread from Sprouts, and it didn’t have any HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) in it, so I didn’t feel as guilty as I could have. I like my grilled cheese sandwiches to have a couple different cheeses. I also love adding green onions and very, very thin slices of tomato.

I felt guilty eating half of my sandwich. Really, really guilty. I beat myself up when I don’t succeed at something. It’s not that I am an over-achiever, but I do want to follow through, complete, whatever you want to call it, projects I start. I’m looking at this as a project to keep me motivated. Hey, whatever works, right?

Well, that damn sandwich sabotaged my week. I had stomach cramps all night. I was lethargic the next morning. I was bloated. My chiropractor said it’s probably because I’m allergic to wheat. Great. Now I have to be one of those gluten free people. Thankfully, right now, that’s the furthest thing from my mind. I went a month without bread, so it won’t be hard to just stop eating it. I’ve never really been a bread person anyway. I never buy it. I’ll have it at a restaurant, but only because it’s there. I’d never order it.

That half of a sandwich caused my waistline to be at the same it was a week before, even though I know that I got smaller. My pants fit way better and one pair is actually a little loose. Anyway, I have been beating myself up over that damn sandwich and I don’t want to feel like this when I go back in 2 weeks. I want to feel like I accomplished another week of being healthy.

This week’s recipe isn’t mine, but I made it. It’s a hearty tomato stew that you cook your eggs in. It was really, really good! My substitution was 2 tbsp of mozzarella instead of the goat cheese. Here is the link: http://food52.com/recipes/26725-eggs-in-a-wintry-tomato-and-kale-sauce

2014-03-04 19.24.28


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