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Ten pounds in 3 weeks! February 24, 2014

Filed under: Weight loss — fabamy @ 5:31 pm

I couldn’t believe today’s numbers! I’ve dropped ten pounds in 3 weeks. It hasn’t been easy, though. Last week, a few friends met me for my birthday ice cream, which I knew I wasn’t going to eat. Even though my birthday should be cause for everyone’s celebration, I didn’t want to sabotage all my hard-earned efforts.
I’ve been hiking a LOT. Yesterday, I took Dexter on a 2-mile walk around my neighborhood, then went on a 3-mile hike with my bestie Deb. In the past two days, I’ve hiked/walked almost 8 miles. Having a dog is a huge benefit, because I HAVE to get out of bed to walk him EVERY day. I truly believe dogs need to get out and explore the world and sniff and pee on everything. He’s inside with me so much (I work from home), that I would feel really guilty if I just let him run around the yard. Our morning walks aren’t more than 20 minutes, unless I know my day will get crazy and I won’t be able to hike. I’ve been scheduling my life around hiking, though, so that I don’t have an excuse. I even signed up to walk for the homeless this coming weekend, for some charity. I don’t remember the name, but I’m going. 😀

I use Pinterest a lot to find recipes. I had heard about a cauliflower-crust pizza and tried it. I knew it wasn’t going to BE pizza, but it was great to find that recipe and fool around with it. Each bath makes 4 pizzas, so I have one each day for 4 days. Do a search on Pinterest and you will find a bunch of recipes.

As a kid, our favorite lunch with my mom & grandma was a tuna sandwich, a handful of black olives, and a Pepsi. Well, I’m not eating bread right now (I’m not a big fan anyway), so I made tuna salad with the olives in it, and threw it on top of some mixed greens.

1 can tuna, water-packed
2 tsp mayo (Yes, you measure it out!)
8 black olives (that’s a serving, duh!)
salt & pepper
Mixed salad greens (the darker green, the better!)

Use HALF of the tuna salad mixture. That’s a serving. Don’t eat the whole damn thing, yo!



4 Responses to “Ten pounds in 3 weeks!”

  1. Pam Says:

    Way to go!!! Not an easy thing to do. Try hollowing out a cucumber and stuffing it with your tuna. Great crunch and yummy! Xo

  2. Steve Says:

    Good for you Amy!

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