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Two weeks down, ten to go! February 18, 2014

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Today marks two weeks of changing my eating habits. I don’t use the word “diet,” because people don’t even know what the fuck  diet means. To me, it’s what you eat. Period. But to the rest of the world, it’s got such a negative connotation, so I don’t use it. “Oh, you’re on a diet?” Of course I’m ON A DIET, because I’M EATING. Duh.

So, I’m down a total of 8 pounds in two weeks. I’ve lost over 2 inches off my waist. All of my pants fit like they’re supposed to. Oh, and it was 85 yesterday and I put on a pair of my favorite shorts. They fit WAY better than they did 2 months ago.

Here are a couple more tips to follow. I do these, they work.

1. Drink a ton of water. WATER. Put some lime in it if you don’t like the flavor. How anyone doesn’t like water is beyond me. It also makes you look better.
2. Eat every 3 hours. The way I gained weight was by NOT EATING OFTEN ENOUGH. You HAVE to feed your metabolism in order to keep it moving. This doesn’t mean a whole 4-course meal every three hours. This means a half a can of tuna with 1 tsp mayo and eating it with carrot sticks. Protein and carbs (VEGGIES ARE CARBS!) should be eaten together. Or, just have a hard-boiled egg. I am eating 1300 calories a day, and I eat 5 times a day.
3. Learn what a fucking carb is. Seriously. Pasta is a “carb,” but so is a green pepper. Learn the difference. Basically, the more a food goes through processing, the worse it is for you to eat.
4. Read the fucking ingredients already! Geesh. Why is this one so hard for people to do? Don’t they care about what goes into their bodies?

We just marked 11 years since we lost my dad. You would think it gets easier, but it hit me this morning, and my day started with tears. He was only 57 when he died, which is far too young.

It’s because he was 57 that I take such good care of myself. We are only born with one body. Sure, there are medical solutions, but they can’t always fix a problem. And why not just be good to yourself so that things DON’T get that badly? Why not actually pay attention to what you eat, and where it comes from? I, for one, want to feel good every day. Every. Damn. Day.

There is only one person that is with you from the moment that you are born, until the moment you die: YOU. Take care of YOU, so that those around you can enjoy you for a long time.

And last, but certainly not least, a recipe:

Breakfast Bowl

2014-01-30 10.15.07


I cook my black beans from scratch in my Crock Pot. I never buy canned beans, because I don’t know what’s in them. I don’t know how long they’ve been in that can, absorbing metal and whatever the fuck else is in there.

Black beans
roasted Brussels sprouts (I made a whole pan, and just used the leftovers for a few days for my bowls.)
Sauteed mushrooms, zucchini, and yellow squash
FRESHLY GRATED parmesan cheese. Don’t buy that shit that’s already grated. It has additives and doesn’t even fucking taste like parmesan cheese. It takes one minute to grate it yourself. You’re worth it, and so is a great dish.
2 eggs
salt & pepper, and hot sauce, for garnish

You’re basically just building these bowls and piling everything on. Start with the beans, then the veggies, then eggs. I like mine fried. I top it all with salt & pepper, and hot sauce. Sometimes I saute my vegetables with turmeric, too.

That’s it. Try it. You’ll love it!




2 Responses to “Two weeks down, ten to go!”

  1. Good Job!! I’m with you all the way on this…take care of your body…eat right and exercise…the least we can do!

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