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Today was a good day! November 19, 2012

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My Monday started with a training session to teach a woman in the PR business how to do Social Media properly. It was really well and she really started to grasp the little nuances in Social Media that most don’t even bother to learn. I’m pretty sure we are meeting again next week.

Then, I got a massage. I’ve had a couple of extremely stressful weeks and needed it badly. My shoulders were like rocks and I could barely turn my head the other day. Ugh! But, Vince took care of me and I felt amazing when I left.

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at a High School in North Scottsdale. My friend Kerstin teaches there. I spoke there a month after my surgery, too. They moved to a beautiful new campus and I was excited to see the kids. I sometimes miss teaching. (I taught Middle/High School for 6 years.)

This group of kids is in a pre-med club. They are REALLY good kids, too. They had asked ahead of time about equipment I would be needing, and everything was set up for me. I had some pictures on my laptop I wanted to show, but I prefer talking and attempting to draw the human anatomy by myself on a whiteboard. It’s pretty funny seeing me try NOT to be inappropriate. The kids always get a kick out of it, too. I think that’s why I was such a good teacher: humor.

Many of the students asked questions after I was done presenting. It was really cool how interested they were in it! Later that day, I got a text from Kerstin, telling me one kid was already thinking about it.

Today, I got a thank you card in the mail. I had a really great day today, and it was just the topping of the cake. Some of the kids signed it, and some are even thinking about donating. I cried. I know that if I had known I could do this decades ago, I would have done it. Just knowing that I got 20 kids to think about it, makes it easier to go through all the emotions.

Our story remains very emotional for me, and it’s been almost two years since I agreed to begin testing. I still relive a lot of it, because I’m always asked to talk about it. I’m glad to, but sometimes I have to leave parts out. My experience was very unique, because I also lost my job and had a lot of publicity to deal with. It wasn’t easy, that’s for sure!

So, keep talking about what you’re passionate about. You never know who you could inspire.


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