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Are you different? August 12, 2012

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Most of the time, not drinking really doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a choice. Alcohol ruined my life from the day I was born, because my father and his entire family had issues with alcohol. I’m not one for labels, but for society’s sake, I’ll use the term alcoholic.

I was in a terrible relationship that ended over 8 years ago. The entire 4 years we were together, alcohol was always present. When I saw some patterns in my life arising because of the amount we drank, I quit. I broke up with the love of my life. Since then, my life has been nothing short of spectacular and I know it’s because I made the choice to never drink again. I never want to live the life my relatives had.

Most of the past 8 years, though, has had me surrounded by alcohol. It doesn’t bother me. I am never tempted to drink because I have seen what it can do. My heritage shows me that if I do it, I will become them. It’s because of the lack of temptation that I really don’t know WHAT I am. Am I an alcoholic? I believed so for many years, but I really don’t think I am. If you believe the “disease” part, I’m definitely not. I just choose not to go down that road and avoid what I’ve witnessed. I have no issues with people drinking around me. More power to them for not being born with my genes.

Are you different? I certainly am. I’m happy that I am. But there’s nothing worse than being teased for it by the people you care about most in the world. I can’t imagine doing that to anyone that I care about. I rarely mention it if it bothers me, because it doesn’t that often. Words can hurt. Deeply. It’s difficult enough NOT doing something that everyone else does. I would think, though, that speaking up about something bothering me would be taken a little more seriously.

I’ve always been the black sheep my entire life. Rarely, though, am I called out on it and made to feel even more different for being…different. It’s funny when people learn that I don’t drink and they say something like “Oh, I thought you were party girl.” My life HAS been a party. I’ve shown that you can have the most amazing life possible by making the right choices for myself. It’s also crazy that people think you can’t have a good time without booze.

Live my life the past 8 years. I will bet you a million dollars that mine was more fun than yours. I’m extremely proud of who I am and what I’ve done. Don’t make me feel like shit for it, though.


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