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Jane’s Addiction! June 2, 2012

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When I saw that KWSS was giving away tickets to the JA show in Tucson, I jumped on it. They had a contest to see who got the most likes on their comment under a picture of Perry and Dave. So, I posted it on Facebook and Twitter. Within a few minutes, I had 20 likes on my comment. A few others commented after me, but only got a few likes. The most anyone else got was 3.

I ended up with 35. Because that’s how Amy Donohue works: When I want something bad enough, I will do everything and anything in my power to get it.

When they played “Ocean Size,” I cried. I wrote a blog about this song a couple months ago (https://fabamy.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/a-long-lost-love-has-died-why-is-it-affecting-me-so-much/) and was hoping with all my heart and soul that they’d play it. I thought of Jeff and how he must have died tragically. I only knew him for a couple months, but our time together is something I’ve thought about for 20 years.

They also played “Mountain Song,” which has been my favorite of theirs since I saw the video almost 25 years ago on MTV’s 120 minutes. Perry was jumping around onstage wearing a giant diaper. I still have the VHS of it! Who knows if it plays anymore.

I tweeted to Perry for almost a week, because I really wanted to meet him. I’m not a celebrity stalker. I’ve met a shitload of celebrities and only a few really impacted me. Joan Rivers & Henry Rollins are the only two that I got to connect with, even if it was for just a little while. They were on my bucket list. So is Perry. I will meet him one day. Mark my words. (Again, Amy Donohue does shit to get shit done!)

We did, however, get to meet Dave Navarro after the show.  I asked him “Where’s Perry?” He gave me a dirty look and then looked away. Hahaha. I pissed off Dave Navarro.

It was a perfect evening, in every possible way. Favorite band.


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