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A few bad practices for Twitter November 8, 2011

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I see a lot of people jumping on the social media bandwagon. They think that if they just tweet stuff about their company or post about what they can do on Facebook, that they’re good at social media. Wrong.

When I get a new follower, the first thing I do is check the profile. I don’t automatically follow back, no matter who it is, if they don’t have something interesting to say or if they don’t engage with people.

One of the worst things I see on Twitter accounts is incessantly talking about what you do.

“Need your pool cleaned? We can do that!”

“Looking for a new car? We can help!”

“Ready to buy? We have great real estate agents at your service!”

But I don’t see them jumping in on conversations. They are just blurting out what they do. Imagine this: You’re at a networking function. There are groups of people scattered around the room. You sidle up, and start listening and then engaging in the conversation. Then there’s that one asshole who just talks about themself. (It’s usually a real estate agent, by the way. Hahaha.)  They haven’t gotten involved in the conversation at ALL, yet they think they are important enough to just blurt out what they do.

Twitter is a conversation. If you want it to work for you, you need to be a person. You have to make “friends” in order for your account to work for business. Simply talking about what you do, maybe thanking for a RT occassionally is NOT the way to do it. It makes you look self-absorbed.

The best accounts out there are run by the people who “get” social media, especially Twitter. The ones who rarely talk about what they do and rarely just tweet their services.

When I first started to tweet for the companies I work for, I was lucky enough to converse on Twitter with other companies in the same industry. It turns out that these accounts were also run by women who knew what they were doing in social media. We have a group on Facebook, which we call the “break room,” where we can share new ideas in social media and vent about those terrible accounts. Social media, especially Twitter, evolves on a weekly basis. Things like #FollowFriday are a thing of the past. #FBLT has exploded but now it’s being done incorrectly.

These are women who I would consider to be the best in the country when it comes to Twitter. I never, EVER see them tweet about what they do. I see them answer questions about what they do, though. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. That’s the way I do it and I get messages on a weekly basis, asking if we can come out to give an estimate or if we have a branch in Hawaii. HAWAII! No, we don’t have a branch there, but it just goes to show that by being SOCIAL in Social Media Land, you’ll go farther than just blurting about what you do.

1. Don’t talk about what you do until someone asks.

2. Don’t expect a follow back simply because you followed someone.

3. Make your Twitter feed fun and interesting and it will work for you.

4. Talking about what you do, what services you offer, etc., should be no more than 20% of your tweets. The rest? SOCIALIZING. It’s SOCIAL MEDIA!


6 Responses to “A few bad practices for Twitter”

  1. Great points. I do say “we can do this or that here’s our phone number” every once in a while for the mechanic and plumber. But you’re absolutely right. I should do that less often (at best). The truth is, I don’t do a good job on those two accounts because I keep hoping my friends will pick it up. But I digress.

  2. fabamy Says:

    Uh, Bridget? You’re one of the few who does it CORRECTLY and you know this. 😛

    It’s ok once in awhile. Maybe I should edit that to say “no more than 20%” or something.

  3. Love the 4 Twitter rules. Let me just add one more: think before tweet 😉

  4. Mike Magan Says:

    Lighten Up Francis! “Getting it” means making mistakes. Also different people meet others in different ways. Of course it’s good to research as much as you can about the background of someone, but so what if you don’t. Just because you want to share something doesn’t mean you have to be a certified expert. Just because they do it a different way doesn’t mean they’re doing it wrong. And just because you see a few tweets doesn’t mean you understand a pattern. I’ve done plenty of dipshit things to realize what seems smart today, may not be tomorrow.

    • fabamy Says:

      Don’t forget: The first part of “social media” is “social.” Just like anything with a company, you’ve got to research it before jumping in. Yes, people make mistakes when just starting. Hell, I did, but after reading so many blogs about social media & learning that what I was doing was a faux pas, I changed my methods.
      My blog post is about bad practices for Twitter. Those aren’t just my opinion, but a general consensus from many professionals in the social media world.
      Would you research the background of someone before doing business with them? Of course you would. That’s why I always check profiles before following. If they aren’t social, don’t interact and just blurt about how awesome they are, I don’t follow back.
      Remember: SOCIAL media. Best example? Ever go to a party or networking event, and there’s that one guy talking himself up about how great he is? I liken that to Twitter profiles that only do the same thing: Talk about themselves.

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