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Juicing for 15 days. Day 1. September 17, 2011

Filed under: The good life — fabamy @ 3:03 pm

So, I was sick for a couple days earlier this week. Did a lot of travel the previous week and with very little sleep, it caught up to me. Monday was pretty much on the couch, sneezing my ass off and sleeping as much as possible.

I watched a few movies on Netflix, and one of them was “Fat, Sick, and Almost Dead.” I’ve been watching and reading a lot of stuff on being healthy, so it was definitely a good pic for me. It’s about an Australian guy, caught up in the American fast food diet and his health is failing quickly. He decided to go on a 60-day tour across the US, touting his juicing lifestyle. He also got others to try it.

So, since I turned 40 and lost that darned kidney, I’ve been more conscious about what I eat, what I use to clean my house with, and exercising more now that summer is over. I just want my body to be as healthy as I can make it. I posted on Twitter the other day, and within a few minutes, one of my followers said they had a juicer in storage that he had never used. I got it for $45. This morning, I went to Sprouts and spent $30 on nothing but fruits and veggies to make into juice.

I am going to try it for 15 days. I’ll post recipes, too. And I am vlogging it. Feel free to comment!


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