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Facebook for businesses. I don’t want to be your friend. August 11, 2011

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I’m not an expert. I’m an enthusiast when it comes to Social Media and Facebook. For my personal brand, I prefer Twitter, but that’s another post altogether.

Nothing frustrates me more than getting a friend request from a business, group, band, restaurant…whatever. Why?


I realize nobody reads Terms of Service when they sign up for ANYTHING. I only do about 50% of the time I sign up for something. But, if you are any of the above mentioned, you are violating those terms by making a regular account (where you have to add friends) and, basically, doing it wrong. Not only that, but you’re limiting yourself.

1. A regular account can only have 5000 friends. If you have a business (or band, etc.), do you want to have LESS THAN 5000 customers/fans??? What business wants to put a limit on that?

2. A fanpage (the RIGHT way) allows people to “like” you and they don’t need a friend request or to add you as a friend. Don’t you want people to see what you do right away? Aren’t you trying to make it in this world? If people have to wait for a friend request to be granted, they’re going to lost interest and go ELSEWHERE. Your COMPETITION.

3. You can have multiple people as admins, meaning more than one person (a trusted person, mind you), can update the profile & respond to posts. You can add/remove them SUPER easily.

4. Fanpages don’t make me stabby. That’s safe for everyone on the planet.


I’m not the best at what I do. I can’t even claim to be an expert, or a guru or even a goddess. What I *can* say is that I know my stuff. I know what’s wrong. I know what’s right. I know what I’m doing. My life is social media. It’s my paycheck, my personal brand and what the majority of my day is spent on.

Do what I say. Oh, and don’t send me a f*$&#@ friend request from a business. Or a band. or a bar. Or a restaurant.


8 Responses to “Facebook for businesses. I don’t want to be your friend.”

  1. MItt Romney may claim that corporations are people, but there are two additional reasons why businesses should not set up regular FB profiles as if they were individuals:

    1) Friending someone on FB generally means sharing my family photos and personal information. Why would I want to do that with a business? I might enjoy eating at a certain restaurant and “like” that place on FB, but that’s not the same as a personal friendship in which I talk about cute things my kids and pets do.

    2) When a business tries to act like a person on FB, there’s more opportunity for the owners’ personal politics to get mixed into business updates. Witness a recent incident involving chef and restaurateur Eddie Matney. He had not set up a page for his restaurant but instead had diners friending him on FB. When he posted a comment about President Obama, he caused some controversy. That is less likely to happen when the personal profile is reserved for true face-to-face friends who will forgive political differences. The business page, on the other hand, should be strictly limited to updates about the business itself.


  2. Jimmy Says:

    You say you don’t want businesses to friend you on your facebook, yet you have google ad’s on your personal blog…
    I don’t think you can have it both ways.

    Just my 2 cents, sorry

    • fabamy Says:

      1. I don’t have Google ADS on my blog.
      2. Do you know anything about business pages on Facebook??? My blog and Facebook have nothing to do with each other.
      3. *ads. Ha.

      • Jimmy Says:

        1. Well there was a gigantic ad underneath your post just before… It’s gone now… Not to worry.
        2. I do know about business pages on Facebook. I was merely making a connection between your statement about; not wanting businesses to interact with you as a friend and the advertising on your blog. Most readers don’t want to look at the *noise* created by such an ad. That is all.
        3. mistake… geeeeees… Your article isn’t completely free of errors either.

    • Jimmy,

      I think you’re missing the point entirely. Setting up your business as a Facebook ‘friend’ profile is against the rules of Facebook, and you will get shut down at some point. Also, only people that ‘friend’ your friend profile on FB can view it. That defeats the point of trying to promote your business. If you set up your business as a ‘fan page’, then your page will be open for all to see–and, that, in and of itself, will encourage people to view the page & ‘like’ it.

      Amy isn’t picking on anyone–she’s trying to help you out. No need to get defensive–do what your business needs to do to help make it as successful as it can be.

      Good luck.

      • Jimmy Says:

        Thanks for the response angrybrowngrrl,

        I didn’t miss the point, I just commented about another point. Didn’t mean to cause trouble, was simply commenting as this is a comments section.


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