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What *really* happened at my show the other night… January 19, 2011

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…and when I say “my” show, I mean I performed.  In no way do I ever claim that a show I didn’t put together is “mine.”  I never take any credit for anything beyond what I’ve done.

I was asked to perform at Doc’s Place, which is in my neighborhood and I have a great rapport with the owner and manager.  I’ve always been professional at the venue and treat people with respect.  This show was a bit different from others in that the comics were given tickets to sell ahead of time, for what we wanted to charge, and we were able to keep the money from what we sold.  Wait.  I get to sell something and keep the money for a show?  Hell yeah I’m gonna run with that!  And I did.  I got a bit lucky when my insurance agent picked this show to take a group of 35 people to come to.  They go to a comedy show once a month and movies at least once a week.  It’s a group from Meetup.com.  My agent has a few of us comedians as clients and is very supportive of our efforts.  We support him, he supports us.  Isn’t that nice???  So, he called me one afternoon to let me know this show would be their comedy show this month.  As soon as I hung up with him after getting details, I called the “promoter” (I use that term loosely, mind you) to let him know of the group.  Now, usually someone who is a *true* promoter would have called the venue to arrange reservations, a discount, etc., but that never happened.  I waited two days to see if he would take care of it and never did.  So, I gave the group leader the club owner’s number so they could work out the details.

I happen to be realllllly good at networking and I am shameless when it comes to promoting a gig.  I have a lot of professional relationships in Phoenix and I’m involved in social media like nobody’s business.  There is NO other comic that uses the resources I do, so I guess I have a niche when it comes to getting the word out.  I posted the show on every website in Central/Downtown Phoenix and every networking group I belong to.  That alone garnered me 30 more tickets sold.

I sold every ticket I could and even ran out.  $5 for a comedy show at a beautiful venue wasn’t too difficult to entice people with.  It’s $5.  I chose that price, as the door price was $8.  I’m not greedy, but if I am given a task, with the opportunity to make some money, I will run with it.  I am a single girl, I live alone and pay my own bills.  I don’t live with my mom.  (JAB)

Two days before the show, the “promoter” asked if he was going to be getting a cut from the group sales.  Excuse me?  No work was done by this person to ensure the group was taken care of.  NONE.  Ha.  No, you’re not getting a cut.  I was also promised a cut of the proceeds at the door.  I explained that he made no effort to do anything for the group and that I did the initial footwork.  Should be the end of that, right?  WRONG.

I fielded calls from the club, asking what the heck this guy’s problem was, why he was raising such a stink.  Why?  Because I did his job, I did it well, and kicked his ass at promoting.  In short, I was better.  Several times since, he has made remarks about me not sharing any of the money I worked so hard for.  None of the other comics had to deal with it like that.  They all got paid from the door proceeds.  I didn’t get anything.  Fine, I am not going to whine about that or dwell on it, it’s just a fact.

He went up to the group leader at the end of the show and said “I just want to make sure you know this was MY show, not Amy’s.”  How unprofessional is that?  It was obvious it was his show, I never once said anything to the contrary.

Since then, I’ve been told by a few people that this “promoter” thinks I name-dropped to get gigs at HIS venue outside of HIS shows.  Doc’s Place has given me opportunities that I WILL take.  The “promoter” doesn’t work there.  He runs a show there ONCE A MONTH.  I’ve been in contact with a club owner in L.A. because of my efforts and my professionalism at Doc’s.  They appreciate someone who comes there to work, doesn’t get wasted and stumbles out after the show. (This happened at a previous show with that “promoter.”  So drunk that he passed out at my place, right around the corner, and I had to continue working at the club that night.  I have the pics to prove it, too.)  I don’t need to name-drop a small-time show-runner’s name in Phoenix.  He’s had shows for less than a year.  I’ve been performing here for 8 years.  I hardly need help.  I’ve also been accused of being greedy for not giving a cut of what I made selling MY tickets.  Sorry, kid, but you gave me the rules.  I played by those rules.

In short, this is a person who is deflated.  A man’s ego was crushed when a girl did his job ten times better than he did.  The lack of respect is despicable and shows a person’s true character.

Asking for something when you did no work towards it?  That’s like begging for change at a freeway exit.  With a dog, to make it look even more pathetic.


3 Responses to “What *really* happened at my show the other night…”

  1. me Says:

    Silly question, but why don’t you just be a promoter?

    • fabamy Says:

      I ran shows for years and it’s a LOT of work. Comedians who’ve never been in the position of putting shows together don’t know how hard it is. You have to have comics who will also promote to get people there, and most don’t. I just don’t have the time or energy anymore. I want to get my friends there, do my job, and be done with it. People ask me this ALL the time, by the way.

  2. Robin Ann Says:

    …My Karma was You, savouring a PattyMelt as I was hanging OldSchool with MyGang (from SombreroPlayhouse)!

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