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Goals, not resolutions. That works better for me. January 3, 2011

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Besides being the ultimate non-conformist and hating all that is the holiday season, I also have trouble believing in having New Year’s resolutions.  I mean, it’s ok to *say* you’re going to do something, but so many people fail at following through with their resolutions, that I don’t want to be a part of it.  I think that if you set a goal for yourself, with a time limit or date, you are more likely to succeed in your dreams.

So, I made a few goals for this year.  They’re pretty big, actually, but not out of my grasp when it comes to actually finishing them.  Achieving.  Making a reality out of a dream.  Stop being such a damn slacker.  Haha!

So, I went through this past weekend and disputed everything on my credit report. Everything.  There wasn’t much and nothing really bigger than a couple hundred dollars, but it still felt good.  I can’t wait to see the progress.  I guess I got caught up in helping someone a few years ago and didn’t think about it hitting me in the ass.  Luckily, I’ve changed my trusting ways and will never do that again.

That’s step 1 in my process to get a house by the end of 2011.  The way the market is right now, there’s no way I wouldn’t be able to save up a down payment, since less than $5K would pretty much do it.  I look on real estate websites a lot and I could seriously get something really nice for under $100K.  My mortgage would be less than my rent.  There are a lot of really cool lofts Downtown by the stadiums.  There are a lot  of great block homes in the historic neighborhoods in Central Phoenix.  So, at least the goal is to NOT pay rent by the end of the year.

My other goal, which starts this week and goes for two weeks, is my detox.  Not from booze.  I used to do it all the time when I really got into yoga.  It’s a dietary detox that cleans all the crap (literally) out of your system.  Lots of healthy greens, some protein in the afternoon and grains like quinoa for breakfast.  Life has been kind of busy lately and though I am not a fast food person, I have been developing some pretty stupid habits.  I have to take tonight to cook a bunch of stuff for the week.  The best part about is it the greens.  I looooooooove eating them and trying new things.  Whoever thought of eating beet greens?  They’re realllllly good!

This weekend I get my gym membership back.  I am NOT resolving to lose weight or do whatever.  I couldn’t afford it for so many months and now I can with my new job, so I am excited about going back.  The yoga studio got a lot more expensive recently, so I will only be able to go for drop-ins occasionally.  The gym is a lot closer to my house and way more affordable.  The next couple of weeks, my time will be more limited and having to adhere to a set schedule is not working for me.

Lastly, I am making more time for others in my life and saying no to some comedy gigs.  Though I love performing and I’ll do anything for stage time, even if I am not getting paid, I realized at my Xmas dinner party that I can’t forget my friends in all this.  I have a few really important people in my life that I want to have time for.  That’s not to say that I won’t be doing comedy anymore, I am just going to scale back and do the gigs I really love doing.







Not really that unattainable.  Not resolutions, but goals.  Get it?



4 Responses to “Goals, not resolutions. That works better for me.”

  1. MoniQue Says:

    Prioritizing and understanding your goals are even more important than deciding what your goal should be.

    Great job and best of luck to you in 2011!

  2. Tina Says:

    Someone needs to make a detox for the toxic people in my life. Oh, wait, that’s on me isn’t it? Damn.

    • fabamy Says:

      Tina – I did a really good job last year of getting those people out of my life. I just want positive people with me.
      Do you need me to chop off any pinky fingers? I’ll totally do it for you.

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