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Labels and why they don’t work for me. September 27, 2010

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I’m the epitome of an anomaly.

Doing comedy, radio and band promotions for 8 years, I’m in bars all the time, yet I don’t drink.  Ever.

My calendar is booked solid for 2 months, yet I’m home today.

The comedy and music and radio are considered cool things, yet I also belong to a writing group and a geeky co-working group.

Though the perception of me is that I only date black men, my ex-husband is Irish, ex long-term is Mexican and I almost married and Englishman.

My playlist goes from The Gap Band to Descendents to Queen to Ja Rule to Madonna to MGMT.  I don’t “fit” into any category.

But, why should I?  Why does everything have to have a label?

I’m almost 40, yet I don’t even have cable so I don’t sit around watching TV.  I haven’t slowed down yet.

I’m a single girl, but unlike most single women my age, I have an enormous fear of commitment and won’t settle for just anyone.  If I’m spending time with you regularly, you’ve made it past the wall.

Although I work in sales, which requires experience, attitude and personality more than a degree, I have a BA&S with a double major and triple minor.

I’m perimenopausal, which means I’ve started menopause, early stages.  Where most women freak about their age and this sort of thing happening to their bodies, I welcome the future of less hassle.  It also means my sex drive slows down.  Well, that hasn’t happened.  I also look amazing for my age.  I admit that.

People will look and label me as retro, rockabilly, whatever.  Truth is, I still have my leather biker jacket from when I was a punk in High School and still wear it.  It just doesn’t zip over my boobs anymore.  I can’t wait for it to be cool enough out to break out my favorite sweats.  Most of my clothes are lame capris and button-down shirts.

I have huge tattoos and several of them, yet I can cover them up to go to work, because I want to look professional.

Though I seem like a bad girl, I’ve never thrown a punch in my life.

I guess I’m intimidating, but when I see a spider, I pick it up with a paper towel, very gently, and put it outside.

And, lastly, though I seem to be this out-going party girl, I’m extremely shy and just put on a mask when I’m around new people, just to get through the initial moment.  I’m an introvert, which means I need to be alone to recharge, rather than be with friends.

So, there you have it.  Evidence that labels suck.  And why you should never use them.

Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself.  I always say “Who the fuck am I to judge?”  I’m an alcoholic in recovery, did my fair share of drugs.  If I don’t give people a chance, I shouldn’t expect one in return, right?


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