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Vivid dreams August 28, 2010

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I don’t know if it’s because I occasionally take melatonin at night to sleep, or just some strange things going on in my life, but I had the strangest dream the other night.  I have some analysis on what it was about.

The dream started with me in my apartment.  Of course, it was a dream, so it didn’t look like my place does, but it was mine in the dream.  A lady was scrubbing my carpet with some white powder, I think baking soda, showing me how clean it could get.  There was a door leading to the next apartment, with a lot of people living in it.  One was actually a friend of mine who plays in a band.  Then, the woman started harassing me because all these people were in my apartment, and I kept screaming at her they nobody lived with me and they had to go.  She kept telling me that she was in charge and I had to live by her rules.  They were using my things and just coming and going as they pleased.  They were really white trashy and kept using my stuff.  I picked up my phone to call “911” because they didn’t belong there and she wasn’t even my landlord.  My phone wouldn’t connect and then the alarm went off.


My carpet is really bad.  I just moved in here last October and my carpet should have been replaced before I moved in.  There are a few holes in it where I can see the canvas backing.  I’ve talked to my landlord about it a couple times.  But, since the building is in foreclosure to get the dead guy’s name off it, there’s not much he can do until it’s in his name.  That, I believe, is the carpet part of the dream and her trying to get it clean.

We have one apartment in my building of white trash.  They are kids, 19 years old, with a baby.  They are growing and dealing drugs.  There’s traffic constantly and I (along with more neighbors) have told my landlord about it, but he’s too fucking passive and nice to do anything about it.  Their lifestyle is interfering with ours and it’s like a cancer in the building.  There are other people living with them, and it’s just a 1-bedroom place.  It’s come down to us saying to the landlord “It’s either them or us.”  We’ll see what happens.

The friend in a band I haven’t seen in over a year, but we always had a good time on my radio show or when I went to see them play.  I’ve always had a bit of a crush on him, though he’s definitely not my type and is way too much of a partier.

The phone:  I’ve had dozens of dreams over the years where I am trying to call someone on my phone, but I keep misdialing.  I keep putting the numbers in my phone, but they don’t match the ones in my head.  They are always numbers I know, like my parents’ or sister or a friend, but from my head to my fingers, I never dial correctly.

I know this dream was about the instability living here with these horrible neighbors.  Unfortunately, I can’t afford to move right now, and I just moved under a year ago.  It’s a huge pain in the ass!


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