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Stalker or creep…still disconcerting. July 19, 2010

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I get really annoyed when people joke about having a stalker.  They have no idea what it really means.

MDR is what I will call this guy.  We had dated briefly (two or three weeks) two years ago.  Everything he told me, of course, turned out to be a lie.  Even his name.  Luckily, I found out quickly.  It’s funny how they will tell you everything you want to hear.  This person was a true, bona fide, psychopath.  I’ve actually been in touch with other women who were affected by him and it really scares me how things could have gone.  I thought it was over, but months would pass and there would be a text.  I didn’t have him saved in my phone, but his area code was from out-of-state, so I always knew it was him.  Notes on my car.  Fake profiles on social networking sites sending me messages.  It was pretty bad and VERY scary.  I bought really dark curtains for my house and always had them closed.  I lived in the dungeon.  My mom would freak out about it, saying I should let some light in, but she never knew exactly why.  I told her it was to keep the sun out and temperature cool.  I was really trying to protect myself.

He had seen my comedy act.  Came up to me after.  Seemed like a nice guy.  Called into and listened to my radio show religiously.  Turns out, he has 10 kids, all over the country.  Just got out of jail for drugs, theft and probation violation.  I found all of this out recently, almost two years later.  Just a couple months ago, I was looking through my Twitter followers, getting rid of spammers.  There he was.  Following all the Kardashians (HA!) and Paris Hilton.  And me.  That’s when I made it private.  I knew some of it a long time ago, but to know now…

Well, it’s happening again, just with another person.  I had a Craigslist ad up for my new business and got an email.  What he really wanted was to meet me, to take me out.  I, of course, didn’t respond.  What kind of person answers a business ad, looking for an opportunity to take someone out?  Another psychopath.  I got a friend request from him on Facebook.  No picture, no profile, but I recognized the email address.  I sent a message back, saying if he wasn’t a real friend, that I would not accept his friend request.  Just what I need: someone knowing where I’ll be.  His message back was that we had “talked” before.  Um, no, we hadn’t.  Because of my email address, he is finding me.

I’m a little freaked-out about it.  It’s getting to the point that I am seriously considering moving.  It’s nothing something I WANT to do.  I’ve got a great life here, surrounded by great people and involved in a lot of projects.  Do I change myself and become a shut-in?  Do I do a background check on every new person, male or female, that comes into my life?  I know this doesn’t just happen to me, but WHY does it happen to me?

These are both men.  Men who want(ed) to be with me.  The crazies.

Where are the normal guys?  Sometimes, I love my independence.  The fact that I can do whatever I want, when I want.  Then, there are those times that having a relationship is what I want.  I’ve always been the “no-strings” girl, but I just don’t know if that’s what I want anymore.  Maybe what I need is not a string, but a fine thread.  The kind that you can see in the light, but it’s so filmy that you can’t see it all the time.  But, it’s still there.


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