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Friends. How many of us have them? July 13, 2010

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In my life, I’m surrounded by people.  Different circles of different people.  Some of them overlap, like a Venn Diagram.  Others are completely separate and simply…friends.

Tonight, I got home from work and wanted to go to dinner.  Hadn’t really thought of where, if I should go alone or call a friend.  Then…BAM!  Text from Robert.  Robert is definitely one of my best friends.  He’s always my biking partner and we will get our asses out there, even if nobody else will go.  He’s one of the FEW people I feel I can be myself around, along with his partner, Bacon.  Robert and I have some sort of psychic connection.  Somehow, he knows when I am home sick from work (or just playing hooky) and I’ll get a text about going to lunch.  We enjoy each others’ company immensely!  He’s one of the few people that I won’t see for a month or two, but it’s like we’ve never NOT seen each other.

I have a lot of acquaintances.  Hell, I know everybody in this damn city.  But knowing them all and counting them as a friend are two different things.  I am grateful to have the connections that I do.  It comes in handy quite often.  I’m involved in a lot of little projects/groups and that keeps things fresh.  I love meeting new people and learning about them, but I don’t want to be friends with everyone!

This was another Twitter discussion that got me thinking: Who are my friends?


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