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Beauty/home remedies from Amy. :} July 10, 2010

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So, on Twitter the other day, we got into a discussion about skin care.  I am lucky enough to have good skin, but I also take care of it.  Also, I was raised by a single mom and we were really poor, so Mom had to find ways to fix things without going to the doctor.  I’ll be updating this post as more come to mind.

First, skin.  The MOST IMPORTANT THING is to wash your face.  I know, right?  It sounds ridiculous, but not matter how tired you are at the end of the day, or how drunk you are and just want to pass out, you need to do this.  At night, I use Kiss My Face Olive Oil soap.  Moisturizing is the second most important thing.  Many think that if you have oily skin or acne, you shouldn’t do this, but the only way for skin to recover from life’s daily stresses is to be soft and supple for all that junk to leave your skin.  I like to take a few drops of olive oil and just pat it all over my face.  I’ll use a little extra under my eyes.  Hey, Sophia Loren swears by it and she looks amazing!  Do this at night, not during the day.  I’ve tried it and when you put makeup on over olive oil, it looks “patchy.”  During my morning shower, I’ll use the same olive oil soap or a scrub like St. Ives Swiss Formula Apricot Facial Scrub.  My daytime moisturizer is plain old Oil of Olay (“It can help you look younger, too!” was their ad in the 70s and 80s!).

Keep your makeup simple!  I’ve seen so many foundation/powder disasters!  Daytime makeup should be light.  If you put too much crap on your face, it actually shows your lines more.  I like mineral powder.  The one I get is from Ulta and it’s called “Bare Minerals.”  Have them test it on you to find the right tone, as you don’t want your face to be ten shades darker or lighter than your neck/chest area.  Lash Blast is the most amazing mascara and really pumps up your lashes.

Hair.  I am alllllllllllllllll about proper hair care, too.  If you can buy it at Walgreen’s, you shouldn’t use it!!!!!  When I was in the beauty biz, I learned a lot about hair product ingredients, and many of them actually do more damage than good, no matter what the label or those stupid fucking commercials say.  Alfaparf is what I use to shampoo, condition and treat.  You can only get it at salons.  Yeah, it costs more, but my liter of shampoo has lasted me 8 months so far.  Oh, and a REALLY GOOD shampoo will NOT lather like commercial stuff.  Americans are obsessed with things that lather.  The ingredients that make lather are the most damaging to your hair.  Wash your hair, rinse and put on conditioner.  As with your face, your hair needs to be moisturized, no matter what type of hair you have.  Buy the right product for your hair type.  Leave it in your hair for at least 5 minutes.  I like to shampoo and condition, then wash my body at the conditioner sits.

The right styling products for your hair are essential.  Root boosters are awesome!  I always begin drying my hair by bending over, so that the roots dry first and give more body.  A round brush is really good for more body and straightening.  My very favorite styling products are made by a company called A/G out of Canada.  I cocktail a lot, which means I’ll mix a couple/few together to get the results I’m looking for.

Try to avoid skin products made with mineral oil.  That’s a petroleum product.  It doesn’t let your skin breathe.

If you have a pimple, dab on a drop of lavender oil at night.  Lavender oil is probably the most awesome essential out there and I use it a lot.  I’ll mix a few drops in with the olive oil at night to keep my skin clear and help me sleep.  A few drops on your pillow also helps.  While I’m on the subject of sleeping, I have a hard time getting there many nights.  Melatonin, friends!   Take 3mg a half hour before bed.  You’ll feel your eyelids start to droop and off to slumber!  It’s amazing and not habit-forming.  Oh, and just an FYI, you should get 8 hours of sleep a night.  Your social life won’t die because you go home a half hour before anyone else.  ;}

I get headaches.  There’s a lot of strain on my neck and shoulders because of these gigantic boobs!  The BEST headache remedies don’t come in pill form.  Take a tablespoon of olive oil (see how awesome it is???!!!) with 10 drops of peppermint oil and 5 drops of lavender oil and mix it with your fingers.  Rub the mixture all along your scalp line, rubbing a bit firmly but not enough to hurt.  I like to do this then lie back on a pillow with an ice pack at the back of my neck.

If you’re sore after a really good workout, take a bath with 2 cups of epsom salts.  Actually, take your bath the night of your workout or massage to prevent more soreness.


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