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1am swim, anyone? July 10, 2010

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So, it was 112 out today with 30% humidity.  It felt like MURDER out there.  Not that I know what it’s like to be murdered, but if I did, this is what it would feel like.  Took Dexter out at midnight and decided to try out the pool.  DIVINE!  Got my neighbor, Jada to come out.

I love living in my building!  There are only 12 apartments, and it was designed by Al Beadle.  It’s post-modern.  There have been some tenant changes, but only because of my landlord who died in April.  He was a drunk and a pill-popper and caused a lot of drama.  Before he died, he made it hell for a few tenants and they moved out.  We tried keeping one girl here after he died, but she moved Downtown.

The rest of my neighbors are pretty awesome.  It’s the kind of place where you know all your neighbors.  Well, except for the new lady downstairs.  She’s always borrowing everyone’s phones to use and has cab drivers come over to pay for sex.  She’s only been here since the beginning of June and said she’s  moving out because she can’t make rent.  What the hell?  I have too much shit to move and cannot fathom that ordeal.

One night, Justin (the landlord that died), was on a drunken rampage.  He came over at 4 when I got home from work and was already blasted.  I had texted him earlier in the day to tell him the A/C wasn’t working well.  This happened the day after St. Patrick’s Day.  So, he changed my A/C filter and I was on my way to go hiking, like I always do after work.  When I got off the mountain and back into my car, there were texts from him calling me lazy (even though that day I rode my bike to and from work TWICE and hiked for 90 minutes) and said that I should get a man to do things because I either didn’t know how or was too lazy.  When I got home and was making dinner, there were 3 cop cars in my parking lot.  He had called the cops on my neighbors because of their puppy.  PUPPY.  He said it was vicious.  This puppy was about 40 pounds and my Dexter, who is 9 pounds, is more vicious.  Anyway, he could barely speak, he was so drunk, and the cops told him to just go inside and go to bed.  Fifteen minutes later, the cops were back.  He had opened the patio door to a neighbor’s house and let their dog out.  My other neighbor saw it running up the street and went after it.  He then took their bike and threw it into the deep end of our pool.  The cops were pretty pissed and made him jump in to go get it.  We didn’t see him for a few days after that. (More on his death in a later post.)

There is also a cool couple downstairs, Will and Jada.  They’re the ones I started hanging out with the night I moved in here.  Younger couple but I absolutely love Jada.  Will’s cool, too, I just know her better.  She’s the one I went to the pool with tonight.

So, finally living with “neighbors” makes being home pleasant.  No loud parties.  Only the cab-hooker lady downstairs makes it weird, but everyone needs that one strange neighbor, right?


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