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The most powerful experience in my life… July 4, 2010

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Today was the first time in over ten years that I had an experience that was so powerful it made me cry.
When I was in Costa Rica for my semester of study abroad in college, I met this guy named Will. He was also an American. He was there traveling after his mother had lost a long battle with cancer. My friends and his friends spent the entire evening drinking, eating and having a freaking B L A S T. We ended up hooking up later that night. We were in a town called Montezuma, my very favorite place in the entire country. We walked the dirt roads and snuck into a resort for their pool. I mean, not a lot of pools when you’re right next to the ocean! We slid into the pool, quietly, so we wouldn’t get caught for being there. The kissing, then the sex in the pool, were great…and then this light rain started falling. It was the most romantic evening of my life! We all went our separate ways the next day, as I had to go back to school. I didn’t know his name, other than just “Will” and he only knew my first name but I gave him my number at the house where I was living. I know he called a few times, but my family there wasn’t the nicest, so I never got a return phone number for him. Years later, I had tried to find him via Craigslist, but who knows if he was still in North Carolina? Nothing ever panned out and I have just put it at the top of my list of my crazy life’s experiences. Not only was it perfect physically, but spiritually as well. If it wasn’t, would I be thinking of it over ten years later?
It’s now number 2. I had a date today with a guy named Travis, only in town for the weekend from San Diego. He had to spend most of his time with his friend’s family, so I only got to see him for a few hours. Those few hours have impacted me immensely, and I DON’T KNOW WHY.
After meeting at Starbucks and talking for about an hour, we came back to my place. I mean, it was pretty apparent that it was going to happen. Why waste a day off, of a long weekend, and a few hours of pure bliss?
I’m so fucking suspicious and never believe anything a guy says, so I guess I will have to see if anything said was actually true. Whatever. For this moment, it’s all true.
Not only was he perfectly gorgeous with a perfect former-military body, but he was so fucking smart and funny. He’s writing books, I’m writing books. He taught middle school, I taught middle school. I’m not used to hearing so much about someone, a person so open…like me. The guy opened the door for me. TWICE. WTF???? It was the first time that I didn’t want a precious few hours to end. Instead of looking at the clock, hoping it was long enough to BE long enough, I glanced at it once and felt a little…crestfallen. I knew I only had that much time to spend with him. It’s the intelligence that drew me so physically. It was the first time that I wanted to lie together for a little while after, instead of being the first one to open the door and say goodbye. You’re done, leave. I wanted to hear him talk more and feel him touch me more. For an instant, I was in love. In love with a perfect few hours. I actually cried a little after. I’m afraid I will miss him and that I will never see him again, but practical Amy has woken up. I had to put it in writing. I can’t forget this ever. Ten, twenty years down the road, I’ll still think of today. When something happens that’s just so right and it may be the only time, hold onto it.
Will, meet Travis.


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