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#gaydrunkdeadlandlord May 4, 2010

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So, a little over 3 weeks ago, my neighbor and a friend of my landlord’s found him dead in his apartment.  He owned the place, maintained it and lived there.  Justin was only 40.  He was an alcoholic and pill-popper.  About a month before his death, his medication had been changed from Adderol (upper) to Ambien (sleeping pill), which he took all day, instead of just to sleep at night.  He had gone to a clinic for this, instead of a doctor’s office.  He was a zombie that last month.  On March 18, he had what I would call “an episode” and flipped OUT.  He had sent me nasty texts about the A/C filter in my apartment, about how I am either too lazy or don’t know how to change it myself (isn’t that his job???).  I got this after I had ridden my bike to work AND went hiking after work.  I’m hardly lazy.  Later that evening, as I was making dinner, I saw three cop cars in my parking lot.  I looked out my window into our courtyard, and there were a few cops at his door, talking with him.  He had been harassing my neighbors for months about their PUPPY and even called the police on it a couple of times.  Dexter, my 9-pound rat terrier, is more vicious than this puppy.  The police left, only to return about 10 minutes later.  I saw my neighbor’s dog running up the street and there was a bike in the pool.  He had opened their patio door, let the dog out, and took their bike and threw it in the pool.  No reason.  He was beyond drunk at this point and the cops made him jump into the pool to retrieve the bike.  I’m pretty sure he simply passed out after this.

About a week before he died, I said to my neighbors “I bet he’s dead,” because he wouldn’t be seen for a few days.  His apartment curtains were always closed.  There were “sightings,” but that’s about it.  No interaction with any of us.  Then, on Sunday, April 18th, his accountant stopped by and knocked on my neighbors’ door.  She was concerned that he didn’t show up for their meeting and wasn’t answering his phone or texts.  They decided to break in to his apartment and found him in his bedroom.  They’re still not sure of the cause.  It could be an accidental overdose.  He could have broken his neck.

For now, the guys who were holding the deed are getting our rent, but I’ve heard they may foreclose.  Do I still pay them rent?  Do I have to move?????

I feel like I’m in limbo.  I just moved into that place in October and love my building and neighbors.  A few have moved out, because of the problems they had had with Justin.  Though he’s no longer there, we couldn’t get them to stay.

I don’t like knowing I may not have a home.  It’s not like *I* am foreclosing.  I am paying rent every month to have a roof over my head…which I may not have.


2 Responses to “#gaydrunkdeadlandlord”

  1. that girl Says:

    hhhmmm?? do you know any lawyers that would at least give you advice on what the new owners can and can’t do? and what rights you and the rest of the tenants have?

    this is one of the reasons i moved and decided a bigger complex was better than renting a house … i was seeing too many people out on their butts because they were paying their rent and the owner of the property was having the house foreclose

    good luck chica … i know i hate moving

    • fabamy Says:

      See, I *hate* those big complexes. We have 12 apartments in my building and I know all my neighbors. That’s what I like. I don’t want a fucking gate, or fitness center or conference room I can rent out. I don’t have to worry about the property management company, because the owners are there. The old owners, who were holding the deed, have temporarily taken over and may just hold onto the building. I won’t move unless it’s a place similar to mine, but Downtown. When my friends come over, they say it’s like Melrose Place. It’s really cool!

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