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What am I good at??? May 3, 2010

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I’ve had a bit of a dilemma lately.  I love the place where I work, but my actual job is not suitable to my personality.  I am paid to be a robot all day long.  I’m bored.  When Amy gets bored, bad things happen.  Like spitballs and practical jokes.  Can’t do that when you have a personality in a place that should be painted grey everywhere.  Grey lights, walls, chairs…even grey pens.

There’s a marketing position open that I applied for.  I just think it would be better for me to do.  I just don’t want to have to have the wrath of my boss come down on me for applying, let alone getting the position.  I’m just really frustrated right now.

I also have no idea if my home is going to continue to be my home in the next couple of months.  Since my landlord died 3 weeks ago, I’ve been told the place might go into foreclosure.  I just moved in October and really don’t want to do it again!!!  I have a lot of stuff.  I’m 39.  I have a huge couch which I totally love, but it limits the places I’d move in to.  I’m not getting any answers.  If it happens, and I have to move, I’m moving Downtown and putting my couch in storage.  I mean, there’s no way I will get the size I have now for the same price Downtown.  Roommates aren’t an option.  People are fucking crazy.  Gawd, I love my couch.

Oh, and boys.  Boys are so frustrating lately, too.  And I am totally not the type to stereotype anyone, but there is a huge difference between white and black guys.  You give you number to a white guy, he’ll text forever but never make that first phone call.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I prefer to text my friends.  I don’t have time to gab on the phone to let you know we are meeting at FEZ at 6.  That’s what texts are for.  Texts are NOT for actually getting to know someone.  Sure, ask me what my favorite color is.  That’s not ME as a person, though.  I had a guy text me on a Saturday night, after having my number for 3 weeks, telling me to meet him at the Sail Inn to see some live music.  Um.  First of all, you’re not getting my Saturday night if you’ve never called me.  How do I know we can carry on a conversation at all?  Why would I waste my Saturday night on you, a wet washcloth???  A first “date” shouldn’t happen until a phone conversation happens.  I’m way too smart for some people and if you’re a drip, we won’t be dating.  At all.  So, I sent him a text back saying “Sorry, I’ve never spoken to you and I’m already out.”  So what does he do?  He calls.  Right then.  I didn’t answer.  If shit like that has to be pointed out, you’re too stupid to date me.

Here’s what else I got:
“I didn’t know if you were busy.”  Um…how are you going to know if you don’t call????  There’s this thing called “voicemail.”  I know, it’s a new concept and you may not know how to use it.  If that’s the case, you’re too stupid to date me.

Now, I gave my number to a black guy and guess what?  He called me the next day and we’ve been out twice.  HE ACTUALLY CALLED ME AND ASKED ME OUT!!!!  We’ve texted/emailed, all that stuff.  But he’s actually called and actually asked me out.  BALLS.  That guy has balls.  I will marry him, just for that.


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